pvc plastic profiles

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Compared with solid wood door casings, steel door casings and MDF door casings, PVC door casings have higher moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and are easy to clean and maintain. The solid wood door cover has more texture and natural beauty, but it needs regular maintenance and moisture-proof treatment. Steel door pockets have high durability and anti-theft performance, but they are not as decorative as PVC door pockets and solid wood door pockets. MDF door casings have high cost-effectiveness and strength, but relatively poor moisture resistance and are easy to swell due to moisture.

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pvc plastic profilesPVC线条2023_副本


Outer Packing
1. Plywood pallet to hold the PVC
2. Corrugated paper surrounding
3. Plastic film wrapping outside
4. Plastic strips for reinforcement


Inner Packing
1. EPE panel in between PVC for protection
2. Top and bottom layer using cardboard
3. EPE film surrounding the PVC for inner protection


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