Information About the FRP DOOR industry area

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) doors are made of versatile, man-made composite materials that are rapidly becoming popular around the world, replacing wood, metal and concrete as sustainable substitutes. Usage of FRP ranges from Aerospace and defence to housing, marine construction, transportation, chemical and other engineering uses.

FRP fiberglass doors will be in increasing demand worldwide in the next 10 years. Only in the United States, the market demands is three million doors per year. At present, most families still choose wooden doors.

Although wooden doors look beautiful and are beautifully made, and wood has traditionally been the preferred material for building products, however wood is a scarce resource and abusing of wood has led to serious environmental crises, including rapid depletion of forest cover.

In the pursuit of finding suitable and superior substitutes, there has been extensive R&D for FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) and GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymers).

This makes this material have the following unique benefits:
• Water, Termite and Chemical Resistant
• Easy to drill, trim, paint, polish and install
• Light-weight with high strength and stiffness
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Highly modifiable, with many variants and colours
• Dimensionally stable
• Maintenance-free
• Cost-effective

Therefore, FRP fiberglass door has many advantages over wooden door, and wooden door will be replaced in the next 10 years. In China, most families are still using traditional wooden DOOR. They think that using solid wood or mahogany wood DOOR is a noble symbol. As a result, large areas of forest trees are cut down every year in China, leading to a series of ecological problems. Although some people are planting trees to make wooden doors for businesses, the trees are being consumed faster than they can be planted. So for the sake of the same earth, to protect the ecological balance and protect the forest from being destroyed, we should reduce the purchase of wooden doors. You can purchase FRP doors instead of wooden ones, because FRP doors also have the same texture and style as wood grain, and look similar to wooden doors


Post time: Sep-27-2022