• pvc wall panel

    pvc wall panel

    IMG_1618The installation of PVC wall panels in the public area of ​​hotel elevators has many advantages. First of all, the price is cheaper than other decorative wall panels, which can greatly reduce the decoration cost. Secondly, the PVC wall panel is light and easy to install, and can be quickly covered on the existing wall surface without additional wall building and grinding processes, saving time and labor costs. At the same time, PVC wall panels also have the advantages of easy cleaning and maintenance, which can keep the hotel’s public areas clean and beautiful. Generally speaking, PVC wall panel is an economical, practical, stylish and beautiful decoration material, which is widely used in public places such as hotels.

  • pvc plastic profiles

    pvc plastic profiles

    Compared with solid wood door casings, steel door casings and MDF door casings, PVC door casings have higher moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and are easy to clean and maintain. The solid wood door cover has more texture and natural beauty, but it needs regular maintenance and moisture-proof treatment. Steel door pockets have high durability and anti-theft performance, but they are not as decorative as PVC door pockets and solid wood door pockets. MDF door casings have high cost-effectiveness and strength, but relatively poor moisture resistance and are easy to swell due to moisture.

  • PVC Door Jamb

    PVC Door Jamb

    We are a leading exporter/mfr of  PVC door jamb including the door jamb, brickmould, casing, astragal.door mull, T-bar. Excellent Propertity
    1. Lifetime No Rot Warranty
    2. Will not crack, split or warp
    3. No Insect Damage and Ready to Install
    4. Water proof
    5. Low Maintenance
    6. Moisture & Termite Proof Material
    7. High Energy Efficiency• Repaint able with Oil or Latex Paint
    8. Fire resistant.
    9. Installs with standard wood working equipment
    10, High nail-holding power like the wood.